Role Permission

1. Role Permission

The administrator can add role and assign their permission

2. Select

The administrator can edit or delete role and assign their permission

3. Role Permission Assign

The administrator can assign their permission

Roles Permissions- Go to System Settings > Roles Permissions here we can create different Roles for staff users and then assign different user permission to this Role. To add new role enter Role Name then click on Save button all existing roles can be see from right side of this page. By default in Infix School you will get 6 user roles SuperAdmin, Admin, Teacher, Accountant, Librarian, Receptionist. You can edit name or permission of these roles except SuperAdmin. To assign permission click on Assign Permission button from Action column. At this page you can see Module wise different Features and their different Permissions. Carefully assign different permissions on roles. After assigning permission, check where it is effecting in system. There are 4 types of permissions present here View, Add, Edit and Delete. Here note that if you are assigning Add/Edit or Delete permission then View permission should be given obviously if you have not given View permission then system can behave inconsistent so in best practice if you are giving Add/Edit/Delete any one permission then give View permission too.

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