Student Permisssion

1. Import Student

For importing new student, super admin have to click the import student button.

2. Add Parents

For adding new student, super admin have to fill up all the major and pros and cons information. In this case, if new student has any sibling then super admin can able to add the sibling by clicking Add Parents button.

3. Relation With Guardian

Who will take the responsibility that have to include in this form. Before admin super admin have to specify the relation with the student.

4. Add Student

After adding all the information correctly then super admin can able to add the new student by clicking the save student button.

5.Download Sample File

Before import new student information, by clicking the download sample file, super admin can download the sample student information excel file.

6.Student Import

For import external information file, super admin have to select the class, section and attach the excel file.

1. Bulk​ ​Import​ ​of​ ​Students

Students can be imported from a csv file for adding multiple students at a time. Form the admin panel, under the menu student information, you can get a sub menu 'Student Admission'.

2. Add Parents

3. Relation With Guardian

4. Add Student/ Admission

Admitting new students to the school can be done from ‘admit student’ submenu under ‘student’ in the navigation. For adding a student, admin will need to fill up the information required and provided by the admission form. It should be kept in mind that, admitting new student will automatically create an enrollment in the running session for the selected class. Check and recheck the information you have inserted while adding student because once you admit him/her to a class, you will not be able to change his/her class without promoting him/her to the next​ ​session.

4.Download Sample File

4.Student Import

Clicking there will lead you to a new page. The method of importing is​ ​cited​ ​on​ ​that​ ​page.​ ​Follow​ ​those​ ​to​ ​successfully​ ​import​ ​students​ ​using​ ​a​ ​csv​ ​file.

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