Online Exam

1. Add Online Exam

To add online exam, exam title, class, section, subjects, date, start and end time, minimum percentage and the exam's instruction.

2. Publication status

In the online exam list, publication status will show the examination is published or pending

3. Select Action

Manage question, mark register, edit and delete can allow for super admin in the action column.

4. View Result

By just clicking the view result, result will be shown.

5. Save question

After clicking the manage question option,super admin can enter the question list page where admin can save the question for particular online examination.

6. view Question

Super admin can see the details of the selected question.

7. View question Modal

In this modal,Super admin can see the details of the selected question.

8. Marking

Super admin can see the marks setup list of the participant, super admin can add exam mark of the individual.

9. Result View

By clicking the view result button, super admin can see the full result sheet.

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