Online Exam

1. Online Active Exams

Which exams are active that are shown here.

2. Take Exam

Student can take examination if they want.

2. Take Online Exam

After completion of online exam, student can submit his exam answer.

1. Upload Backup

Our system will help you to backup & restore your system. If you want to upload your database, then you can do it. But uploaded file must be sql file. Without sql file you can't upload it.

2. Images Backup

You can make whole image backup and download image as zip format.

3. Full System Backup

You can make whole full system backup and download as zip format. After downloading, you should delete system backup file from server.

4. Database Backup

You can take database backup and download.

5. Download

You can download from here

6. Restore

You can restore your backup

7. Delete

You can delete your backup >>>>>>> Stashed changes

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