InfixEdu - School Installation

Database and database user creation on Server

Upload the package to your host

  • Download the package from codecanyon or from Website

  • Unzip the package and you'll find the following contents

    • Documentation

    • InfixEdu

Configure InfixEdu with Database credentials

Use the file manager to edit the file in the path .env

Add Database configuration in the file as described in the below image

Adjust the folders Permissions

  • Change the permissions of uploads folder and all it's contents (Files & Folders ) to 777

  • Change the permissions of storage folder and all it's contents (Files & Folders ) to 777

Start the installation

  • Use your browser to Infix install Script . Type in browser your application location followed by /install. and hit Start Installation

Video Tutorial for the InfixEdu cPanel Installation

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