Item Sell

1. Paid and Unpaid Status

In the item sell list paid or unpaid status is shown. If payment is complete then the status show paid, if not then show unpaid

2. Select Actions

Action column in this list, super admin can able to see sell details in view option, edit and delete the list and if unpaid then able to add payment and view payment.

3. New Item Sell

By clicking the new item sell button, easily can add a new item's sell information.

4. Item Sell

At first select the person who buy the item, whom are added by super admin. Then need to add the reference number, receive date of selling.

After that select the item from the item list which is listed in item list submodule, put it's unit price, quantity. Sub total will show the individual item's total price. After adding all sub total the final result will be shown.

If check the full paid option no due will be shown. If not, then put the amount in total paid field. If it's meet up the total due will zero, if not then due or surplus amount will show in the total due field. Payment method can also be selected in this operation. After done the submission the sell information will be listed in item sell list.

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